BIG Initiative SBIRT Education

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Additional SBIRT Resources


  • Workplace Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and EAP's
  • EAP Use of SBIRT Increases Identification of Alcohol Abuse by 50+%  OPEN MINDS Weekly News Wire
  • Big Initiative Group Presents at EAPA Conference 2010 October 7th, 8th and 9th 2010
  • Big Initiative Group Presents at EAPA Conference 2010 By Eric Goplerrud and Tracy McPherson
  • Employee Assistance Report: EAPs Invited to Join ‘BIG’ Initiative By Eric Goplerud, Tracy L. McPherson, Patricia Herlihy & Dave Sharar
  • EAPs Unite to Combat Alcohol Problems By Kathleen Koster
  • Delivering Brief Alcohol Related Interventions in Telephonic EAP's By Gregory L. Greenwood, et al. (2010)

Web-based Alcohol SBIRT Resources


Guides, Toolkits and Other Information

Motivational Interviewing Resources